Officers and Staff

Easton Police Officers

The Easton Police Department is made up of 15 full-time Police Officers, 2 part-time Police Officers (Special Officers),
3 full-time and 5 part-time dispatchers, 1 Full Time and 4 Part Time Animal Control Officers, and an office staff of 2.


Office of the Chief of Police
Chief Tim Shaw Diane Zadrozny,Administrative Assistant
Executive Officer Field Supervisors
Capt. Richard Doyle Sgt. William Spencer
Sgt. Jonathan Arnold
Sgt. David Simpson
Officer Kent Lyman
Police Officers/Investigative Division Communications Staff
Officer Mark Pastor Tara Candee
Officer Thomas Ceccarelli Matthew Caldwell
Officer Tamra French Cheryl Smolinsky
Officer Jay Festa John Ojarovsky
Officer John Sollazzo Christine Bittner
Officer Donald Kinahan Andrew Tisdale
Officer Craig Tibbals Marjorie Arnold
Officer Arthur Belile Kevin Shevlin
Officer Michael Kaluta
Part-Time Patrol Officers Records Office
SPO John Bech Evelyn Santiago-Fox
SPO Gary Csanadi
Animal Control Officers
ACO Kelly Fitch
A/ACO Marge Costa
A/ACO Christine Bittner
A/ACO Tamar Klein
A/ACO Chevonne Spinks

Last updated July 20, 2016