Alarm Registration

The Town of Easton requires that, if your residence has an active alarm system that is monitored by a central station, it must be registered with the Police Department.

Emergency Services, are heavily burdened with calls from mechanical malfunctions or other such false alarms.  The general welfare and safety of the residents of the town has been best served and protected by the establishment of the alarm ordinance requiring registration of all systems and establishing a mechanism to reduce the number of false alarms and promote the responsible use of the alarm devices in Easton.

New Registration of Alarm System:

The fee to register your alarm system is $25.00 and is applied to that remaining fiscal year of when payment is made.

Please follow this link to: REGISTER NEW ALARM

Annual Alarm Renewal:

Annual alarm renewal fee is $20 and is due every July 1st of the new fiscal year.

Please follow this link to: RENEW YOUR EXISTING ALARM

Alarm Card Contact Information:

So that we may have the most up-to-date contact information for you on file should the alarm be activated, please submit any changes to the department when warranted. Must provide CLEAR CODE in order for changes to be made on-line.  If you don’t have a Clear Code or don’t remember, you must come to the police station and make changes in person with a valid driver’s license.

Failure to comply with the town’s Alarm Systems Ordinance is a violation.  An Infraction for Violations of Municipal Ordinances (7-148) will be given, in addition to the other fines as described below that can be imposed:

  • $50.00 Fine for not registering.
  • Any False Alarm Fine’s that may apply.

To view the full Town of Easton Ordinance: Chapter 226. Alarm Systems Ordinance


Emergency Services – Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Central Station – An office to which remote alarm devices transmit signals where operators monitor those signals and relay information to the appropriate emergency service.

Emergency Number – Any telephone number designated by the administrator as a number though which an emergency may be reported.

Clear Code – A word or number provided by the homeowner (possessor of the alarm system) to the police department, that is given to the Dispatcher when the alarm has been activated in error and there is no need for Emergency Service to respond.

Fiscal Year – The town’s fiscal year, July 1 through June 30.

False Alarm – Any activation of an alarm device to which an emergency service of the town responds which is not the result of an actual emergency.

  • $10.00 Fine for 2nd False Alarm
  • $20.00 Fine for 3rd False Alarm
  • $40.00 Fine after each subsequent False Alarm occurrence

If the possessor of the alarm system appears in person before the Police Chief and shows to the satisfaction of the Police Chief that the false alarm was not the result of negligence, inadequately informed employees, or service personnel or improper maintenance, such fee(s) may be waived.