RUOK Telephone Reassurance Program

The Easton Police Department Telephone Reassurance Program, or R.U.O.K., is a program sponsored and funded by a grant from the Easton Exchange Club.  It is a free service, available to any resident of Easton over 60, or to any resident who is homebound or medically disabled.

Each day, a call is placed to the individual’s residence via computer.  The dispatchers monitor the recorded message and wait to hear the response.  If there is no response after the second call — then an officer is dispatched to the residence, and a relative or key holder is contacted.

R.U.O.K. Tips – 

R.U.O.K. is an automated computer system.  If you are an RUOK subscriber, the computer will automatically dial your phone, and listen for a response.  Any response will signal the computer that you are OK, and do not need any assistance.  If you do not answer, or give no response, help will be sent.

If you do need assistance, or are having a medical emergency: Do not answer your phone when RUOK calls.  If you do answer, call the police department, or 911 right away.  Do not have an answering machine.

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