How do I contact the Easton Police Department?
The phone number for non-emergency calls is 268-4111. If your call is an emergency and you need to see a Police Officer immediately dial 911

What type of services does the Police Department offer to the community?
The Easton Police Department provides many services to the community such as the RUOK program, vacant house checks , and the Easton Police Explorer Post.

Why do I need to register my alarm with the Easton Police Department?
Although you register a password with your alarm company, the Easton Police Department needs your alarm information on file. In the event that you set your alarm off in error, the Police dispatcher will call you to verify your identity.

Why should I have my child car seat checked by an Officer?
Statistically, 4 out of 5 child car seats are installed inproperly which may result in a dangerous situation for your child. A child car seat technician will help to get the best fit for your car seat and your vehicle. Office Mark Pastor, is the Easton Police Department’s  Certified Car Seat Technician.  Call (203) 268-4111 for appointments. This is a free service.

What is a School Resource Officer?
A School Resource Officer is a Police Officer who is specially trained to work with youth and the school administration within a school system. The SRO’s duties in Easton include instructing the DARE Program, handling youth investigations at the elementary and middle schools, developing emergency plans for the school and school staff training in those plans. The most effective part of a School Resource Officer Program is the relationships that are made between the Officer, school administration and the students. The SRO in Easton has seen and spoken to many of the students in the schools since they were in preschool. This is a great benefit to the program.